Chainsaw art, carvings

Chainsaw art, Chainsaw Carvings

If you are looking for Chainsaw art for your own enjoyment or looking to draw a crowd with a competition or event feel free to contact me.

Competitions and events

I will be travelling through BC, Saskatchewen, and Quebec Canada for Multiply Competitions this summer! To keep more up to date feel free to follow me on Facebook


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Awards presented to Chainsaw Spirit

Campbell River British Columbia 2016 

Carver's choice” Broken“

Prince George British Columbia Competition 

3rd Place “Spirit Horse”

1st place in Semi Pro Transformations on the shore 

in Cambell River British Columbia for “Eel Walker”

1st place 2017 in Merritt British Culumbia 

Merritt logger sports with “ Mother Nature”

1 st place in both 1st and second annual Timerland 

carving competition in Edmonton Alberta

”kind little spirit”



" Is it quite exspensive to get a carving done?"

Price is worked out depending on the time, size, and wood involved. It does take a lot of work and  product to create a sculpture, but you may be surprised. There is only one way to find out.

" If I have a price in mind will I be able to stay within that budget?" 

This is very possible. If you have  a  budget you want to stay within I can let you know how we can make that work.

Helping my community, Fundraisers

One of my passions is giving to those in need. I have and will do many more charity events because it feeds my soul and helps those who need it dearly.