About Marina

My Story

First off I would like to  thank you for visiting my page. As you scroll through my photos I wish that they excite your imagination. I have for as long as I remember always been amused by art. I meddled in various mediums never really finding the one that was to be mine until recently. 

I had been mezmerized by a hand carved Japanese Dragon. I immediately took initiative to find where I could learn to express myself in such a way. 

 It was then in my search that I had found Medicine Hat Wood Carving Club. I had so much support with everything from finding the right tools to different techniques. 

 A few years passed while I was whittling with tools when a member of my community contacted the club about having myself create one of my wood spirits on his tree that he wanted to remain part of his yard. After seeing the tree for myself I knew then that my chisels would not cut it. The tree it self was 6-7' tall and about 20-25" in girth. That is when I asked for his patience with me. 

 Later that year my family and I where enjoying a yearly trip to the Edmonton Sportman Show. There we met Husqvarnas carver Kevin Lewis. Just wowed by his art we stuck around and visited with him. As my husband spoke to him he had mentioned a trip to BC some for the two of us to learn our way around a saw. I was at that moment terrified yet so over the moon excited! 


 We excepted. Overwhelmed with fear and excitement I picked up my first chainsaw on April 9th 2016. At that moment I felt an overwhelming sense of calm and passion rush through my body. That is when I knew I found it! My passion!!

  It was 2 months later that I had entered my first competition. Carving like I have not carved before. I remember after day two of a 12 hour shift holding myself and telling my family that I need to go lay down. It was intense for little ol me. I pushed through another day and a half and was able to bring my "fallen" angel to life. It felt amazing to accomplish such a feat. It felt even more amazing hearing such positive responses. 

 I had entered the novice category which did not have a ranking. It was all for the experience and wisdom of fellow carvers. It was amazing. What was even more amazing is when I heard my named called up along side an amazingly talented JR Henderson for the carvers choice award. I was in tears. Called up by those I watched and admired the entire competition. I had no words. I did not expect anything. 

 Since that Competition in June 2016 I have been involed in other competitions and events around the world such as Australia, Alaska, and of course throughout British Columbia and Alberta. I have been so blessed to have been given this opportunity. It shall be an amazing carving year. I cannot wait to create! 

   I have been given such a blessing in which I will give back in my way. I have and will be a part of charity events for as long as I can. Helping others is another passion of mine and now I am glad I can contribute to those in need as well. I wish you all the best and do hope that your imagination and heart is opened when looking through my photos. If you wish to follow my story please feel free to like my Facebook page https://m.facebook.com/chainsawspirit/. Maybe we will work together some day and until then God Bless! 



                                                Marina Cole

What I do exactly

My passion consists of using multiple different chainsaws, power tools, and proper finishing techniques, and products. 

  Once yourself and I have a good understanding of what you where wanting brought out of wood I will start with my process. 

  I start off by selecting a piece of wood by feeling the sculpture wanting to be made. Once I choode my wood I will start using my big saws first blocking out my piece and following the woods movement to create a rough product of what will be. Once I get to that point I will continue to select a smaller more versatile saws to get the look and details I need. 

   Then I am able to start to finish the piece I will move to my sanding and finishing tools. If I need to treat the wood, with product that will make certain types of wood that are prone to rot and insects, I will do that at this stage. Once treated and dried I will continue to paint if wanted. 

  Once the piece is ready for finishing product I will then apply a Spar Eurathane for the items that will be for outside decor. I will also use a water base sealant if the sculpture will be placed in doors. Once I apply three coats, I will let it cure and if it is meant for you it will be ready to go home. 

  Once you have it I suggest you re-coat your pieces when you notice it starting to look dry or fading. No need to worry about trying to remember everything because if you have any problems I am always willing and able to help.  I will send you a post treatment plan with the product that I used on your piece. 

  From then on it is your turn to love and admire your new art piece!


Let me help you figure out what you are looking for

  Whether you are choosing to have a sculpture for your own personal admiration, a gift for a friend or family member, or even a business  town wanting to draw a crowd I can help you out. 

  If you are a business or a town wanting to hold an event or a carving competition I can definitely let you know what it entails.

  If you want your own very personal customized piece of art made with love I can make that happen. Do not be afraid to contact me for a quote or a proposal. Again I wish you all the best and I look forward to working with you.